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Healing Sessions

With Leslie Sloane & The Auracle Healing Cards

It is a very challenging time, a time we’re being asked to look deeply into ourselves, to let go and bring Love into our lives in a way we’ve never known before. In each session, the vibration of Unconditional Love comes through which shifts your consciousness right away. As well, when working with the Auracle Healing Cards or Chakra Healing Cards, their sacred encodings open us to all knowledge, consciousness and truth within the Uni-Verse, and how it works through us pertaining to this life. This ultimately brings peace, clear answers, and releases resistance often felt as pain in the body. It is a wonderful way to help yourself and a Loved one experience a state of coherence (where the Heart and Mind are connected), which allows for healing to take place. It’s a beautiful experience all around no matter which session you choose. This offer will be available until April 30th, 2019 at 11:59pm.  

90 Minute In Person Healing Sessions at my location in the Los Angeles/Ventura County, California area:
$325 – which also includes an 8.5″ x 11″, double-sided (Image and Mandala), laminated Auracle Healing Card of your choice.

Make your appointment now by contacting Leslie.

Healing Sessions:

Sessions with the Auracle Healing Cards are for everyone. With over 30 years of experience, Leslie has given sessions with pregnant mothers in their first trimester to the elderly. People have come in for various types of healings such as for emotional balance, removal of traumas and pain, spiritual re-alignment, health and relationship issues, and matters of the Heart. Because everyone has a different life story, the experience will be unique for each person.

Your Experience In The Session:

Leslie will have you choose a series of Auracles, from which she will do a Soul reading. Once the reading is complete, you will lay down on the healing table and she will place each Auracle you chose on and around your body. The reason for this is because the Auracles bring through the vibration of Unconditional Love from Divine Realms which you will “feel”, therefore will Awaken you to a new, more expanded state of being.

During the course of this session, Leslie’s Guides and your personal Guides come through to direct her to locations in your body where the pain or toxic thought forms need to be dissolved, re-infusing your cells with the vibration of Unconditional Love and Light, endlessly flowing in from Divine Realms.

In these moments you might feel things being literally removed from your body. This is normal, followed by a continued feeling of a floating sensation, and peacefulness.

These powerful sessions with Leslie and the Auracle Healing Cards are here to expand your Soul Awareness by connecting you more deeply into a resonance of Truth within your Heart, for when you listen to your Heart, you will have enough Faith to respond to your inner desires, and what brings you joy. Each healing session will Awaken Deeper States of Intuition, strengthen your Faith and Connection to Spirit, and Open and Inspire your Heart to make Loving decisions to keep you in Alignment with your Spiritual Purpose. Ultimately, the sessions with Leslie and the Auracle Healing Cards will Awaken your “Brilliance” and “Inner Light”…or as Leslie Looooooooooves to say, “Your Iridescent SELF”.

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