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Auracle’s Colour Lion’s Gate Bottle


The Lion’s Gate Bottle will:

  • Help you connect to a deeper sense of courage, strength, inner wisdom, and emotional balance.
  • Dissolve grief, sadness, guilt and shame which affect your Health, making room for the growth, and Joy in expanding within your creative abilities and gifts.
  • Connect more deeply to your intuitive abilities as it opens your Heart, Lungs, Throat, Pituitary and Pineal glands which collectively represent the Mystical Self.




The Lion’s Gate occurs from July 26 – August 12 2017 and is most powerful today on August 8, 2017.  It is a Powerful Alignment of the Golden Sun, the Blue Sun and the Blue Star Sirius which is moving closer to the Earth. This opens new pathways to raise the frequency of our Light bodies, Physical bodies and DNA. It’s all happening right now through the Portal over the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The ability to cross dimensional pathways and experience astral travel is stronger in this time.