Online Workshop with Self PLUS The Auracle Healing Cards: Complete Book & Card Set


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Each Auracle Healing Card Deck contains:

  • The Auracle Healing Cards are 4″ x 6″ with a different image on each side of the card. A total of 56 cards with 112 exquisite Healing Images and Mandalas.
  • The accompanying Guidebook is 6″ x 8″ with 159 pages of uplifting messages, profound spiritual insights, answers to your questions and a simple explanation on how to do readings.

Workshop with Self – The full ‘Become Empowered by Embracing the GIFTS of Your Feminine Lineage’ experience includes:

  • Four online video’s to guide you through the transformational process, to see the bigger picture, to step into your power, to stay aligned with positivity and to feel the resonance within you so you feel safe to BE & Flourish
  • Q&A sharings via Instagram @femininesoundexperience & Facebook @Auracle Healing Cards
  • Downloadable PDF guidance – 29 pages full of wisdom & Love
  • Four Auracle Healing Cards with Images & Mandalas – The Colour Sound Healing Tools that are specifically selected for this powerful journey – 4 pdfs
  • Two Guided Colour Experiential Meditations for comfort & nurturing (Pink & Red)

The themes / modules:

Week 1
Focus : Self-Acceptance and Integration of All That You Are
Outcome : Feeling more charged with courage than in fear
Tool : Auracle : Luminous Black 2 : The Butterfly Effect

Week 2
Focus : understanding how to bridge Love back to your Self, without the need of anyone else outside of you doing this
Outcome : Healing deep feelings of unworthiness and disconnection are crucial for you to move forward in life
Tool : Auracle : Pink 2 : Discovering Self-Love

Week 3
Focus : connecting the dots
Outcome : inspiration to “take action” towards things you wish to manifest which are fulfilling to you.
Tool : Auracle : Primary Red 2 :  The Awakening

Week 4 
Focus : Releasing the suppression of your Feminine Light and Heart’s Desires
Outcome : stand in your own Magnificence and rise in Feminine Leadership
Tool : Auracle : Aubergine 1 : Feminine Fires Rising

Once you purchase this package, you will receive an email receipt which contains the link and password to access the 4-week workshop: videos, images/mandalas, meditations, and PDF. 

During this time of COVID-19, as everyone is on lockdown, we have found a solution to continue shipping the Auracle Healing Cards to you both domestically and internationally from Europe. We will continue to support you in any way we can. Blessings to you all.


Working with the Auracle Healing Cards can bring Clarity and Awareness which:

  • Auracle Healing Cards PackagingOpens your Heart to deeply profound insights, allowing un-Loved parts of your Self to rise, be forgiven, and healed.
  • Restore emotional balance, peacefulness, and serenity.
  • Assist in dissolving lower, fear based vibrations or thought forms ruling your actions which don’t resonate with Love.
  • Help ground your visions, allowing you to do what you Love in life.
  • Bring clarity and empowerment on your life path with new levels of direction and focus.
  • Open you up for receiving Self-Love, Compassion, Kindness, Nurturing, and to Honour your life.
  • Awaken you to deeper states of intuition.
  • Bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to your Guides.

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