Package A – 3 Auracle Meditations



Red Meditation – Length 12:59
This meditation will ignite the Power of Awareness within you, as it is Awareness which helps you to Self-Realize. The Sound of Love coming through the Red vibration will activate physical life force, inner strength, passion for living…and the regeneration of your cells. This will help you to feel grounded and present in the Here and Now, and to stay centered into the core of your True Essence.

Aubergine Meditation – Length 27:48
This meditation will help to ignite the energy of the Goddess or the Sacred Feminine within you, so you may express your Self in the world with Love, Inner Strength, Passion and Confidence regardless whether you are a male or female. It will support the expansion of your creative and intuitive abilities as well as awaken deeper sense of Spiritual and Self-Love…helping you to feel nurtured and balanced.

Pink Angel Meditation – 15:35
This beautiful meditation brings you deeply and profoundly into the Pink vibration of Unconditional Love which will expand your Heart awareness. When this vibration enters into your cells you will feel nurtured and safe as if you are being held in the arms of your Divine Angelic Mother.

Once you purchase this meditation package, you will receive a download link in your emailed receipt. Download this 1 file and unzip. All 3 tracks are found inside this file. Thank you and enjoy!