Auracle Healing Cards Certified Course


Time: 10-5
Place: Clubhouse in Newbury Park (address given upon registration)
Limit: 12
Cost: $2500 which includes a Full Set (56 – 8 x 10 Laminated Auracle Healing Cards) – value $1120

All details for the Auracle’s Certified Course is below.

Please RSVP by August 30TH – Use the contact form below to reserve your space or call Leslie at: (818) 402-7466 – cell

What the Auracle Healing Cards Certified Course Can Do for You

Finding the mysticism within ourselves is the most magnificent journey we can take.  As each Auracle Healing Card is presented in its entirety through sound, the feel of the vibration being emitted, and the actual colour itself combined in a beautiful symphony, magickal things begin to occur within you.  This is “Alchemy of the Soul” where all things blend at once to create a quick and most loving shift inside of you, stirring up your alchemical waters within.  This process will help you find your Heart of Gold…the “highest” Heart.  You will discover your Master Alchemist within by learning to separate the lead from the Gold in yourself, so you may accelerate in the realm of Love and Light, releasing all that weighs you down in the moment…that which causes suffering. You will discover Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and the Self-Courage to do anything you wish.

How This Certified Course Benefits You in Life and Career/Service

In Life:

  • As this experiential course immerses you in daily dialogues with your “Language of Light or Soul Language”, you will begin a new Intimate and Loving relationship with your Self moving you beyond the boundaries of what you thought was possible.
  • Your perspective of life will shift dramatically when consciously and unconsciously receiving information awakening new codes of “Light” within your atoms, cells, tissues, all systems of your body.
  • As you have a full embodied experience of each Auracle through the teaching, interactive dialogue, and aromas, the feeling you draw in from the experience will create new scenarios in your life based on Love instead of fear.
  • As you are exposed each day to the vibration of Love, a new awareness of Compassion, Kindness and Love begins to emerge bypassing the old harmful patterns of past i.e. judgment, criticism, fearful thoughts, anxiety, resistance.

In Career/Service:

When we understand ourselves through the Auracles and the language of Truth, Divine Self-Expression, and simply what “IS”, we can then dive deeply into helping others in various forms of healing such as:

Healings via Colour therapy, sound, spiritual psychology, crystal healing, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and Reiki to name a few.

Career Counseling as the Auracles are chosen, they immediately bring up what is resonant and what is not with each individual. This expands the awareness of the clients being counseled, bringing more openness to accepting and taking action on new possibilities not presented prior to this unique and deeply truthful session.

Giving Birth becomes even more beautiful as the vibration of Unconditional Love being emitted from the Sacred Sounds/Geometries layered into the Auracles guides babies through the Womb and Yoni into the Mother Earth peacefully feeling held by Infinite Light, therefore safe, and celebrated. It also holds harmful EMF’s at bay wherever the Auracles are placed around the child in a crib, a bed, etc. after the birthing process. As well they will assist the recovery time of the Mother holding both Mother and child in a portal of Love Pure which is so powerful it can be felt. Wonderful for professional Doula’s and mothers who wish to be more conscious in keeping the children and themselves connected to the sound of Love from which they came.

For Caregivers Assisting Others in Transition the Auracle Healing Cards help to release resistance for those having more of an attachment to the Earth, or have other issues keeping them trapped in their physical bodies. As the Auracles bring Self-Realization deeply connecting us into our Primordial Heartbeat, therefore our unique Truth, they help us on all levels to release the illusion, to let go of what is not in resonance…which also includes releasing from the body.

For Special Therapies for Children the Auracles as a language of the soul can work with various types of disorders. For instance, if a child has Autism and cannot talk or communicate, as they choose their Auracles it will immediately bring awareness of what they are trying to convey about how they’re feeling. For the therapists it becomes a way to understand that the Auracles chosen are the verbatim vibrations needed to help them through whatever they are experiencing, or expanding upon joyful experiences.

The Auracles Transmit Unconditional Love which can also be used for:

  • Shamanic Journeys & Practices
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Shifting Grids in the Earth
  • For Gardeners/Landscapers/Farmers
  • Working with Animals, Mammals, All Sentient Beings 

Love Heals All.

In This Certified Course You Will Learn:

  • The language of the 28 vibrations and what they mean for you.
  • How to begin to do readings for yourself and those you Love or professionally work with as a healer.
  • The profound significance of the codes layered into the Auracles and how this allows you to communicate with our Soul, your Guides and Source as ONE within you.

You Will Experience:

  • New dimensions within your Self awakening, as each day you will learn seven frequencies, by feeling them in their fullest expression of Unconditional Love and how they flow through your very core essence.
  • The use of the Auracle Spray Mists, bringing the beautiful, sacred aromas to be experienced.
  • Sound using beautiful music during meditations, and the Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls.
  • Art – Creating your Soul Vision Board (upon registration I will tell you what to bring)

You Will Receive:

  • The Full set of 56 8”x10” Laminated Auracles to use in class, on yourselves, and with clients/patients in healing sessions. (value $1120)

Everyday, your Soul will communicate in your natural language of “Light” opening new dimensions of Coherence, balancing the Heart and Mind. Through emotional and mental clarity, you will become Empowered even more so, on your path. 

If you don’t know your purpose, this course will help you to become more aware of what is resonant with you. 

As well, when you are exposed to the Auracle Healing Cards and the Infinite Light that is in you, you will begin drawing in experiences from the “Field” beyond time/space reality bringing in people, places and situations to further accompany your growth and expansion. 

Before we can help others heal, we must take the journey ourselves with open Hearts.  Knowledge is power and the more you understand about your ancient Soul Language, the more Joy and Connection to your I AM Presence you will experience. Your Confidence will continue to expand in ways that will surprise you as your atoms, molecules and cells are opening into the Light you are made of. 

Through the Higher Heart of Gold is where we find the ability to help ourselves and help others find the truest state of Unconditional Love.  It is a journey within, and only we can take it alone, first.  Yet…we are never alone, and the Auracles will always remind you of this truth…because they are you, they are the bridge from your Soul to your Human Self.

Please RSVP by August 30TH – Use the contact form below to reserve your space or call Leslie at: (818) 402-7466 – cell

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