Cerulean – Colour Healing MP3 Meditation


“Connecting With My “Soul-Gate””
Length: 31:31

The purpose of this meditation is to guide you back to your Soul’s Sacred Song or Inner Symphony, helping you to remember who you are. The Colour Cerulean is multi-dimensional. It is made up of Iridescent hues of pastel Turquoise, Silver Indigo and Violet. The combination of these Colours Create a gateway into Star systems within the Cosmos from which you came. By interacting with this vibration, it will awaken your ability to peer inside the interdimensional chambers within your Heart. This will help you remember a greater truth that lies within you bringing specific and clear realizations about your life and who you are. With each awakening, you will begin to dissolve emotional blockages such as grief, guilt, sadness and disappointment the more you connect to your True Nature. This will also boost your immune system and enable you to breathe again. As you become more aware of your Soul-Gate and the infinite Joy that resides within, you can also call in a Soul-Mate, as it is the Cerulean vibration which will bring them in to join you.

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