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About Leslie Sloane

Master Healer, Teacher and Creator of the Auracle Healing Cards

Leslie Sloane - Creator of Auracle Healing Cards

Leslie is an Oracle, Master Healer, Alchemist, and Internationally Recognized Author. She was born with the ability to see Universal Matter, or particles of Iridescent Light. Her unique gift helps her to create multi-dimensional healing tools which have helped thousands of people Awaken to their Authentic Selves, their Joy, and what resonates with them in their journey through life.

Leslie brings an awareness which expands beyond the 3rd dimension and allows for healing through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being. She has been offering private healing sessions and conducting workshops since 1994 and certified courses since 2007 using Colour Therapy.

In 2005, Leslie founded Auracle’s Colour Therapy and created twenty-five liquid healing Colours. Seven years later they began evolving into the foundational work for what is now the Auracle Healing Cards, which she uses to help people to have a Heart to Heart conversation with their soul. Leslie has been a part of various healing journeys with clients ranging from pregnancy and birthing of children, working with autistic children and people with disabilities including the blind to help them see Colours, as well as helping people move out of deep depression, anxiety, intense life changes related to spiritual growth, relationships, work, health…all levels of life experience. Leslie has worked with people with very little consciousness of Self, helping them to expand within that context, and helped others who are already on an accelerated path to accelerate even further with confidence and clarity.

Leslie’s sessions bring Loving Guidance and truthful answers revealing new levels of awareness without judgment or criticism, as each realization is the key to healing the Self. Her purpose is and has always been to connect each person to their soul, so they may experience a higher quality of life, bringing a greater sense of peace and personal balance.

Leslie also journeyed to Egypt to finish her first book, The Power of Love through Colour, which was published in 2007. Leslie returned to Egypt for the third time in October of 2014 to receive clearer visions and deeper insights about her Soul Purpose, in which emerged a beautiful story as to why the Auracle Healing Cards were created and how they are helping each person Awaken to their Sacredness and Inner Light. Leslie is now working on the creation of simple and accessible courses making the Language of Colour easy to understand by all.

“My life purpose is very specific in the sense that I am focused on giving one-on-one healing sessions and readings, while participating in shows around the globe to support everyone in understanding the language of Colour, its importance, and why it’s impossible to live on this planet without engaging or experiencing this language of Colour which bridges the human self to the Soul. Colours are present in every word we speak, every thought we have and every emotion we experience. The difference between all of us is that we each have a Divine Blueprint in which our unique Colours express our life path, gifts, and challenges. Colour always brings us back to remembering who we are… precious, Loving beings of Infinite Light. When we awaken, embrace and embody the authenticity within ourselves regardless of what others think, the healing is instant, and we are free to experience anything we wish to create from a foundation of Love”.

~ Leslie Sloane

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