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With Leslies Sloane and the Auracle Healing Cards

An Open Source Mystery School within a STUNNING DECK of Sacred Mandalas!

As a twelve year facilitator of colour therapy and a huge fan of Auracles Colour Mist Sprays, I have to say The Auracle Healing Deck is one of the most comprehensive and awe-inspiring sets of cards ever. It has personally shown me & others where the embodied truth resides between an honest & clear layout of the soul’s journey through light (conscious) and shadow (unconscious). Without being ‘new age polarized to just the light’, it gently reveals the egoic shadow of the unconscious with Deck 2 and allows the user to be fully inspired & empowered by Deck 1. Rounding out the artistic brilliance are the colours, worded codes and geometries that exhalt the user into the universal language of the soul. It is an absolutely brilliant example of having a master deck at your hands! I love it! and I promise you will not regret diving into the immensely colourful world of Leslie Sloane & the Art of Radisha, Buy it right now & Be The Multi-Dimensional Shift forever….:) ≈ Mikael King

The Best and Most Healing Cards

So, so very HEALING!!! These cards are not only beautiful but deeply healing. I love to place one of them in front of me when meditating or on my night stand during night because I can feel such a strong healing energy vortex that they create. They make connecting with high guides clear and easy. The most beautiful gift you can give to anybody and so deeply healing. They also help with opening up and strenghtening intuition. It always amazes me how accurate they are! BEAUTIFUL, HEALING, INTUITIVE and so full of radiant love and intergalactic guidance. ≈ Jaroslava Pohankova

What a Blessing!

I am extremely impressed with these beautiful cards! I am a Medium/Clairvoyant myself, and Leslie, who created these, definitely knew what she was doing. They not only have helped me personally, but my special needs son, who has trouble communicating, has greatly benefited by being able to let me know how he is feeling, opening lines of communications I could never have imagined. If you have a child or person that cannot communicate their feelings and emotions, these are created for them, and I cannot thank Leslie enough for her profound gifts!! I have these cards and recommend them highly! ≈ Lora Kitch

A Winner!!

The images in these colorful cards are beyond beautiful… Iconic and amazing, they invite and invoke deep, insightful dialogue- and can be used either solo, or for others you may be “reading.” They are timeless- the kind of gift that truly keeps on giving!! Exquisitely crafted, and uniquely double-sided, these living portals of wisdom will enlighten every possible shade of your souls query, and ultimately inspire you… Double Bravo to the artist and the author for creating this stunning, joyous deck!! ≈ Tracy C.

Master Healing Cards – Beyond Tarot or any other cards

A session with these cards is like being in the presence of the most powerful Master Healers. I can feel the cells in my body shifting as I sit with these gorgeous cards. Infused with the Healing Energy of Divine Love – and using the alchemy of Sacred Geometry, chant, tone, color, and powerful imagery – these cards are actual Portals and Vortexes into Higher Dimensions. Simply laying the mandala on my body produces deep healing, relaxation, relief…and often…giggles and joy. They have helped me to fall into a peaceful sleep at night. The accompanying book lovingly guides you in a deep journey to your most sacred and precious self. The exquisite birch wood box holding the cards is symbolic of Mother Earth providing nourishing sacred medicine for us. To call these “cards” is almost an injustice. If your Heart longs to Heal, or expand…these cards are for you. If you want to love on someone with a fun, healing, wisdom gift – this is it!!! ≈ Haumea Hanakahi

Beautiful, powerful and amazing cards.

I have been a professional Medium for many years. In my private readings with people, I use cards such as Tarot and Angel Cards. I have never experienced a deck of cards like this before. The artwork is truly stunning. The images tell a story, but they go far deeper. Each card has a wondrous mandala on it. There is an energy that these cards emit that is difficult if not impossible to explain. As one sits with the cards, there are unmistakable shifts and changes one will go through. All I can say is that these cards offer the potential to experience deep healing. If you are interested in realizing your potential in your lifetime, these cards provide a great tool for personal growth and transformation. ≈ George

I love my cards

I love my cards. These are beautiful and vibrant. You can feel their living energy. I bought one set and loved them so much I bought more for gifts. Definitely worth purchasing. ≈ RMG

Multidimensional spiritual growth tool

Leslie is a gift to humanity. Through hard work, dedication and high guidance, she created the most inspirational and beautiful tool for everyone use. The breath taking art design will take you through a multidimensional spiritual growth. ≈ Bernadette Rosenstiel, D.C.

A deck for the light workers

These cards are special and unique. I haven’t encountered a deck like this one ever, what sets it apart from all the others for me, is the clarity of the imagery and muti-dimensionality of the messages. There is a balance in the deck that illumines the dark and the light aspects of our psyche. The art found on the cards is simply stunning and full of symbolism, the mandalas are amazing gateways to allow the energies into our field through a higher vibration that bypasses our ‘little minds’, this I find most helpful. You should get this deck if you are at all interested in true connection and divine guidance, if you want to see and trust in deeper parts of yourself. ≈ Nicolas

Only the Best

These cards are not only the most powerful deck I have ever used on my clients, they are beautiful pieces of art. You can truly feel the energy that radiates through them. The light and wisdom we have received from using them on a daily basis has really brought us all to a higher level of enlightenment. ≈ Katie Slanina

When I first came to Leslie, I had a lifetime of pent up tears and heartache locked within the depths of my Soul.I felt as if I was carrying a 100 pound heart, as years of trauma and abuse that I had suppressed had taken its toll. I was suicidal and addicted to painkillers…I just wanted to numb the emotional pain. We started working with the Living Energy Deck and there were two cards that came up that had to do with the sadness and the anger and rage I had been carrying since childhood. During sessions we worked with the Aqua 2 card and the Burnt Orange 2 card. I took these cards home with me and continued to use them in my meditation practice. One night, after I finished my meditation, I placed both cards under my pillow and as I fell asleep, I began to feel waves washing over my chest area and it felt as if lifetimes of heartache and anger were being released and washed away. I woke up several times during the night and had bouts of crying followed by waves washing over my Soul. It was such a healing experience. This process continued for several days…A continuous releasing of toxic emotions.

These cards are full of life, love and bring miraculous healing. I have been forever changed! I am still navigating through the healing process, but working with Leslie’s living cards has helped immensely. I am emotionally stronger, and more in touch with my creative abilities and more freely able to express my true inner self. I am better able to trust my inner knowingness and have developed a closer relationship with my Guides (through working with the cards), who keep inspiring me to believe in my worth, lovableness and right to receive. ≈ Suzanne Nielsen

Leslie’s Sloane’s Auracle Cards are truly soul shifting. The cards are absolute stunning pieces of art that carry a ton of healing and messages. Whenever I work with her cards, I instantly feel a sense of peace vibrate through my system even if the card has brought forward an awareness I needed to wake up to in order to heal an area of my life. The cards carry multi-dimensional meanings. The more you grow, the more the messages in the cards expand and assist you on your journey. I absolutely love these cards and their magical presence. I sometimes sleep with them under my pillow or place them around my bed because I know they are full of magical healing properties that work with my system by just being near them. ≈ Marilyn Alauria, Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher

I am so blessed to be the owner of several of the Auracle deck cards. The last one I received as a gift from Leslie and I like to think that it selected me…I chose it from a pile and it couldn’t have been a better fit. I first was surprised at the ‘I see you’ written below the angel. As I read Leslie’s description of the card, it resonated with me. The nights I sleep with it over my body I have vivid dreams…I feel a greater sense of self and self-love and strength that’s increasing day-by-day. I have worked on myself as an actor and artist, but there is something magical that this particular card has been doing for me since I have been sleeping with it. I anticipate my health issue has healed itself when I go in to get checked next month partly due to my diet and route towards naturopathic medicine but also from sleeping with this magical card over my body!!!! These cards bring me peace, love, contentment and safety everywhere I go! I even meditate with them and hear vibrations! ≈ Nassim N.

The Auracle Deck completely takes you to another realm!!! The combination of the Magickal Colours and messages on each card are truly mind blowing, healing and take matters straight to the heart! Working with the cards has helped me heal and transform myself and others.≈ Cherise Bangs/Yoga and Ayurveda Therapist

I was quite amazed at how a set of cards could alter my perception and energy on a deep multi-dimensional level. The layering of prayers, archetypes, and intentions weaved into this deck has awoken my belief in what truly is possible with love and understanding of color and soul communication.” ≈ Daniel Raphael

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