Understanding the Auracle Healing Cards – Introductory Workshop Recording by Leslie Sloane


Includes 1 mp3 file (77 Minutes) and 1 PDF for use during this interactive workshop.

This Introductory Workshop (formerly known as Level 1 for the Auracle Healing Cards) is open for everyone. It is for all of you who own your Auracle Healing Cards, and for those of you who wish to explore the depth and multi-dimensional nature of the Auracles before purchasing them.

For several years, I’ve held this Workshop only in person and because many people around the world began to discover the Auracles, requests came in to record this Workshop making it possible for anyone, anywhere, to listen to. The information in this recording is the same as the information given during the live Workshops.

Details about the content of the Workshop Recording can be found below.



Here is a partial list of what is presented in this Introductory Workshop:

  • You will experience a beautiful meditation with the Prayer of Love and Gratitude.
  • How the Auracles help you to dissolve duality and connect you to the Oneness, to All That Is within Creation Itself.
  • Learning about the importance of your primordial roots in relation to the Cosmic Mother.
  • Leslie shares past life memories of Ancient Egypt that helped her to create the Auracles.
  • How the Auracle Healing Cards came about in relation to the ancient Egyptian teachings although they are from a Universal teaching.
  • How the Auracles help you connect to your Soul’s unique voice.
  • What makes the Auracles multi-dimensional bridges between you and your Infinite Self.
  • Explanation of Sacred Elements encoded within each Auracle Card.
  • The meanings of Level 1 & 2 within the 56 Cards.
  • How the Auracle Healing Cards are unique to Tarot, Angel and guidance cards.
  • How to choose your Cards and what each position means in the layout of those Cards.
  • Experience a beautiful guided gazing session with an Auracle Healing Card.

PDF reader needed for the PDF included in this workshop.

Music heard on this recording: by Celestial Musician, Amoraea Dreamseed