Complete 9 Card Set – 8 inch x 10 inch, Laminated, Auracle Chakra Healing Mandala Cards


When using “The Soul’s Uni-Verse Within” Auracle Chakra Healing Cards series, they will help you:

  • Transport you into inner worlds within your Soul.
  • Understand that the space inside of you is infinite like the multi-universe, therefore just as expansive as the outer Uni-Verse.
  • Remember and acknowledge the Sacredness of You.
  • Connect to and receive support from the Light of the Collective Consciousness.
  • Tap into an unlimited stream of frequencies – an infinite spectrum within Consciousness itself
  • Experience behavioral pattern changes as the vibration in your cells begins to shift.
  • Receive new teachings, awakenings and realizations helping you expand, heal and accelerate in life.
  • “Feel” and get out of your head as each Auracle bypasses the conscious mind –no images to “think”, only mandalas to “feel”, connecting to your Heart Intelligence, a network of 40,000 brain like cells in the Heart that think independently of all other cells. (in the Auracle Healing Cards, this is also representative of the Cerulean Level 1 & 2)
  • Experience a Heart/Brain Coherence through the vibration of Love being emitted from each Auracle which reinforce positive thought patterns, emotional and mental states of being.

Read the “Product Description” below to understand more about “The Soul's Uni-Verse Within Series” AND for suggestions on how to use your Auracle Chakra Healing Cards


What are the Soul’s Uni-Verse Within Cards?

The new series called “The Soul’s Uni-Verse Within” are 9 Auracle Cards representing the basic chakra system taking you through the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart (4th and a half chakra under the right clavicle), Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Causal body or “Seat of the Soul” about three feet above the Crown. Each of the new Auracles is made from a combination of 3 different Auracle Healing Cards from the original set for varied hues and vibrations to feel physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and etherically within your aura. Three is the number of transformation, the principles of growth, allowing a return to Wholeness or Holiness within One’s Self. It also holds the vibration of Love, Compassion, Joy, Kindness, Growth, Creation, Enthusiasm, Youthfulness, Manifesting and Manifestation. It is the Holy Trine, and the Past-Present-Future. It is a container allowing us to transform on every level.

They represent our journey into the collective…how we function as unique beings, as part of the Whole, how we fit, what our greater purpose is here, and how we express ourselves through that purpose to serve humanity. Various Sacred Geometric Symbols using new codes and our designs have been layered into the Auracles in a different way for collective conscious information to be received and integrated.

The original series of Auracle Healing Cards are looking into the Eye of your own Soul, taking an intimate journey between you, Source, Infinite Light, All That Is. Their purpose is to help us heal by facing the un-Loved parts of ourselves, reconciling fear-based issues, false perceptions and truths, through the vibration of Love. As well, they are here to help us dissolve any known and unknown contracts which are preventing us from expanding into our infinite potential regarding Love, Health and Well-Being, Spirituality, and Prosperity. To heal, we must awaken to the “program” we’ve walked into, and begin dissolving the distortions allowing us to re-connect to our greater source of power and Light that has always been within us. When we take out the garbage and let in the “Light”, we have room to expand in any way we choose…to create anything we wish…and experience ourselves in our purest essence of Love.

Suggestions on How To Use Your Auracle Chakra Healing Cards:

  • Have a gazing session with your Healing Card(s) and begin a Loving, Truthful conversation with your Soul, your Guides and Source/Infinite Light. If you hear words or phrases, write them down, they are messages
  • You can place the Healing Cards on or underneath your body while lying down and do a meditation, allowing them to penetrate into your energy field and physical body
  • Use your Healing Cards of choice to charge up water and food, saturating yourself with the vibrations of Love in what you eat and drink as well as in meditations
  • Place them on the nightstand next to your bed for a healing night of sleep
  • Create a sacred space or Altar by hanging them on the wall in your office space, meditation room, bedroom, living room wherever you wish to receive the benefits of the healing transmissions, and shifts within your consciousness into elevated states of awareness
  • Use them to set healing grids for your pets

Each Auracle transmits the vibration of Unconditional Love. It is a language your Heart needs, to bring answers to you. During the process of using your Auracle, your Heart and Brain harmonize and you will begin to feel this Love opening up in every cell of your body. You might find yourself beginning to cry, maybe moving into a very calm, safe, nurturing place inside of your Self where you just want to “be”, or even have an overwhelming urge to laugh. You might even find yourself traveling through different dimensions in which ancient memories are also bringing up emotions. In that moment, you are connecting with your God Self bringing about an awakening, and a new level of Self-Realization for the particular story that needs to be addressed. This will bring reconciliation, release, and healing. When you are in this state of Love, harmful thought patterns will begin to dissolve both on conscious and subconscious levels, leaving space to create beautiful new experiences in your life from Joy. When we are in the vibration of Love, all things are possible. Each journey is unique to every person.