Pink Image – Level 2 – Poster 24 x 36 inches


The Auracle Healing Posters are breathtakingly beautiful and when standing in front of them, you will feel their Sound of Love move through every part of your being, no matter which one you choose. They are doorways of “Infinite Light” and are layered tens of thousands of times with the vibrations of Colour, Light, Sound, Sacred Geometries and Ancient Prayers which open you to All Knowledge, All Consciousness and All Energy within you, within the Multi-Universe. Each Auracle Healing Card whether it is the Image or the Mandala you choose, will open a beautiful Loving, truthful dialogue with your Soul bringing clear guided answers for something happening in your life.

When ordering your posters, here’s what to expect:
• Each are printed on 8 mil gloss photo paper
• The size is 24 in.x 36 in.

• Up to 3 posters can be shipped together for the same shipping price.
• If you order the Auracle Healing Cards and a Poster, they will be shipped separately with two shipping charges.
• Each poster will be shipped in a 3 in. x 25 in. tube to keep it protected.

When you receive your poster/s, you can do the following:
• Laminate them
• Frame them
• Mount onto foam core board

Wherever you have the Auracle Healing Card Posters, you will feel the Sound of Love. When you gaze at them, they will take you on a journey deeply into your Heart helping you unveil a truth which will bring peace, balance, joy, and confidence…and re-establish within you a beautiful sense of Self.


When choosing Pink, Level 2, it is time for you to learn how to Love yourself. Healing deep feelings of unworthiness and disconnection are crucial for you to move forward in life. Your Angels are present to comfort and Guide you, as Pink calls upon the “Music of the Spheres” or Angelic Realms. But, you must listen to their messages through your Heart. They often Guide us to engage in our own healing by doing things which nourish our Soul with Love, and bring uplifting thoughts. Be patient and speak kindly to yourself, for through your words, you Create. This will help your inner child to feel Nurtured and Safe… and very Loved, by you.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 in