Colour Healing through 15 Loving Meditations by Leslie Sloane


“Colour Healing through 15 Loving Meditations”
Over 5 hours of meditation recordings! 

(Read Meditation Descriptions at the Bottom of this Page)
01 Introduction to the 15 Healing Meditations – 3:07
02 Iridescent White Light – 29:06
03 Violet Meditation – 17:57
04 Aubergine Meditation – 27:48
05 Twilight Meditation – 35:55
06 Indigo Meditation – 17:10
07 Luminous Blue Meditation – 12:15
08 Cerulean Meditation – 31:31
09 Green Meditation – 13:49
10 Yellow Meditation – 14:23
11 Gold Meditation – 34:00
12 Orange Meditation – 14:50
13 Coral Meditation – 28:27
14 Red Meditation – 12:59
15 Pink Meditation – 15:59
16 Black Rainbow Meditation – 15:28

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Colour Healing through 15 Loving Meditations – Descriptions

Iridescent White Light
This meditation gently opens up your energy field allowing you to embrace your own Luminosity by feeling the power of your “Light” vibrating in every cell of your being. It will help you release harmful unconscious thoughts and patterns being held deep within your cells, much like a Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical cleanse. This process will support you in feeling “Lighter”, being present in your awareness…and to feel the vastness of your Spiritual Self.

This meditation will help awaken the untapped power within you, expanding your consciousness through inspirational visions, messages and uplifting thought forms showing the infinite possibilities of you. As such, if you have not found your life purpose yet…the Violet frequency will awaken this within you. The more expanded your consciousness becomes, the more easily you will let go of toxic, fear based thoughts holding you back because they do not sustain the vibration or Sound of Love within you. This process is called transmutation in which the distortions in your DNA (unconscious thought patterns inherited from your ancestral and familial lineages) creating harmful scenarios in your life, are being shifted into those carrying healing energies to create a completely new outcome. This will awaken new levels of Joy, Inspiration and Creation within you.

This meditation will help to ignite the energy of the Goddess or the Sacred Feminine within you, so you may express your Self in the world with Love, Inner Strength, Passion and Confidence regardless whether you are a male or female. It will support the expansion of your creative and intuitive abilities as well as awaken a deeper sense of Spiritual and Self-Love. This meditation will also bring a deep sense of grounding, empowerment and balance.

This is a beautiful meditation which will connect you to the Cosmic Mother also known as the Dark Goddess. It is She, who nurtures your Soul in Her Womb as you continuously recycle yourself from lifetime to lifetime. By returning into Her deep Silence and Love, you will connect to your origins and existence as a Star Child. (period instead of comma) (remove- and) In the safety and comfort of Her Womb and the vibration of Love being transmitted to you, you will hear the deepest Truths and clearest guidance for the next step on our journey in life.

The purpose of this meditation is to deepen your intuition and strengthen the power of your mind by activating your third eye or sixth sense. It will help to awaken the wisdom of your “inner world”, so that you may decipher what is illusion and what is truth. This will assist in diffusing feelings of confusion, and at the same time, fill your Heart with more Confidence to move forward into each transition that arises in your life.

Luminous Blue
This meditation invokes the beauty of silence, where you can experience different states of awareness through meditation. It is here you can connect with and hear the messages of your Guides and your Eternal Self. It will help to soothe and calm your mind , opening to Loving states of peacefulness within, allowing you to connect more deeply to Spirit.

The purpose of this meditation is to guide you back to your Soul’s Sacred Song or Inner Symphony, helping you to remember who you are. The Colour Cerulean is multi-dimensional. It is made up of Iridescent hues of pastel Turquoise, Silver Indigo and Violet. The combination of these Colours Create a gateway into Star systems within the Cosmos from which you came. By interacting with this vibration, it will awaken your ability to peer inside the interdimensional chambers within your Heart. This will help you remember a greater truth that lies within you bringing specific and clear realizations about your life and who you are. With each awakening, you will begin to dissolve emotional blockages such as grief, guilt, sadness and disappointment the more you connect to your True Nature. This will also boost your immune system and enable you to breathe again. As you become more aware of your Soul-Gate and the infinite Joy that resides within, you can also call in a Soul-Mate, as it is the Cerulean vibration which will bring them in to join you.

This beautiful meditation will open new portals within your Spiritual Heart, inspiring your soul to grow and stretch like trees, to breathe, and to feel more expansive than ever before. You will feel more deeply connected to Mother Nature which will align you with your True Nature of Love, Balance and Harmony as this always invites Miracles and awakens a deeper sense of Freedom.

This delightful meditation will connect you to your Magickal inner child. It opens gateways into your playfulness, personal power and joy, which allows you to step into the Light of your own brilliance and individuality. As you connect more deeply into this frequency, the illusions of fear, criticism and separation will begin to dissolve because they are simply part of the program and script you’ve been given by your ancestral, societal and family lineage.

This powerful meditation will help you to release feelings of criticism, judgment and confusion by activating the Golden Light within your atoms, molecules, cells, tissues…your entire being. This will help you awaken to new levels of Self-Love, (space here after comma) Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Courage. These are all directly affiliated with your health and well-being. Each time you embody the Golden “Light”, you will feel a shift in your physical body. This meditation will ignite a new awareness of your Eternal and Abundant Self.

This nurturing meditation will help you to feel more peaceful and balanced in your emotional body. Its Sound of Love helps to support you in fulfilling your emotional needs through a re-birthing of your Self allowing traumas to dissolve. The Orange vibration is comforting and reassuring which awakens new levels of confidence so that you may acknowledge and voice what you wish to Create in your life. The Orange will help you say “Yes” to new choices, which will benefit your well-being, and bring a deeper feeling of emotional balance overall.

The purpose is to awaken deeper aspects within your Spiritual Self, opening new doorways into the Christ Consciousness. This is not a religious term but a Spiritual one symbolizing Sacredness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance an Truth bringing a new, sustainable and grounding foundation from which to live your life. The Sound of Love being brought through the Coral vibration will activate deeper levels of Love stored within your DNA. This will help you to identify where you have abandoned your Self in life and give you the strength and courage to stand up for Self, creating boundaries with people, places or circumstances which do not resonate with Love.

This meditation will ignite the Power of Awareness within you, as it is Awareness which helps you to Self-Realize. The Sound of Love coming through the Red vibration will activate physical life force, inner strength, passion for living…and the regeneration of your cells. This will help you to feel grounded and present in the Here and Now, and to stay centered into the core of your True Essence.

This beautiful meditation brings you deeply and profoundly into the Pink vibration of Unconditional Love which will expand your Heart awareness. Pink is one of the three vibrations, which carries a consciousness within the Christed Light. When this vibration enters into your cells you will feel nurtured and safe as if you are being held in the arms of the Divine Angelic Mother, who will reassure your Heart and remind you of the infinite possibilities you have as a child of Creation Itself.

Black Rainbow
The meditation was created to help you open up into the Mystery and vastness within your Self, to just “be”, knowing that you are being complete guided, therefore are safe. The Black Rainbow will help you to navigate through unknown circumstances in your life by awakening you to the “synchronicities” presenting themselves. This will further help you to Trust your Self, what is happening around you, and let go of the illusion of control.