Violet – Colour Healing MP3 Meditation


“The Magick of Me”
Length: 17:57

This meditation will help awaken the untapped power within you, expanding your consciousness through inspirational visions, messages and uplifting thought forms showing the infinite possibilities of you. As such, if you have not found your life purpose yet…the Violet frequency will awaken this within you. The more expanded your consciousness becomes, the more easily you will let go of toxic, fear based thoughts holding you back because they do not sustain the vibration or Sound of Love within you. This process is called transmutation in which the distortions in your DNA (unconscious thought patterns inherited from your ancestral and familial lineages) creating harmful scenarios in your life, are being shifted into those carrying healing energies to create a completely new outcome. This will awaken new levels of Joy, Inspiration and Creation within you.

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