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The video blog page is full of enlightening information on how to understand and interact on a much deeper level with the Auracle Healing Cards. JUST ADDED – an “About the Auracle Healing Cards” video as well as “Instructional Video on How to Use the Auracle Healing Cards”. Scroll down to view.

You’ll also see the video message of the “Color of the Month”, plus the other videos of the “Readings of the Week” that have been created over the last year. These videos are excellent tools on better understanding the color vibrations found within the Auracle Healing Card Deck.

What Are the Auracle Healing Cards

How to Use the Auracle Healing Cards

Video Reading of the Month – May 2017

“Follow The Golden Thread”
Gold, Level 2

The Auracle Healing Card Gold 2 entitled, “Follow The Golden Thread” popped in for this month’s teaching. So, what exactly is Gold about? At the very core level it is about “worthiness” of Self. Depending upon the level of VALUE we hold within our Selves will determine the level of Abundance we’re bringing into our lives. Now, this can mean physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. We can be Abundant on all levels! It is our natural birthright! It governs the emotional (Orange) and mental (Yellow) bodies within us. This also means it has to do with your state of Health. When using the Gold 2 in meditation, gazing sessions or healing sessions, it’s going to help to balance the emotional body…to release traumas from the past through its Orange vibration. Through the Yellow it will help to silence the inner critic and judge…allowing new “Joyful thoughts” to occupy the space in your mind. It will help you to dissolve anxiety, depression, fears, doubts, confusion and worry. As you especially have conversations with your Soul during the open- eyed gazing sessions, you will begin to feel more Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth rising within you. During this process the Gold 2 will help you to “TRUST” your inner guidance or gut instincts and awaken to the POWER OF YOUR CREATIVE HEART where over time you will not care anymore about the judgments of others. Miracles always happen when we “Listen to Our Heart of Gold”!

From the series, “Readings of the Month”.

April 2017

Silver, Level 1

January 2017

“Our Luminous Nature”
Clear White Light, Level 1

October 2016

“The Master in You”
Gold, Level 1

March 2017

“Discovering Self Love”
Pink, Level 2

December 2016

“The Awakening”
Primary Red, Level 2

September 2016

Primary Blue, Level 2

February 2017

Cerulean, Level 2

November 2016

Burnt Orange, Level 1

From the series, “Readings of the Week”.

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